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They'll see all this and understand. They'll ponder together and come to know that it is the power of the Eternal One that produced this.

Isaiah 41:20 (Voice)

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Don & Karen
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Don & Karen Stauffer

Don and Karen share a passion to reach out to the hurting and needy with the love of Jesus Christ at home on the southern Niagara Peninsula and beyond. Don has been involved in Global Outreach Mission since 1976, serving in Ireland, Costa Rica, India, Haiti, and North America. Karen has a heart for medical missions and regularly goes on short-term trips around the world, to places such as Haiti, Sierra Leone, and the Dominican Republic. Both enjoy ministering in the local church. Together, they now minister full-time. Please pray that God will continue to use them as salt and light to spread His message of hope around the world.

Don's Calling

A simple life on the family farm was all I knew growing up in Southeastern PA, USA. One Sunday evening, my pastor preached through the life of Abram (Genesis 12:1). I, too, was challenged to leave my father's home and family. It became clear that the Lord was directing me as He’d directed Abram. I would not follow in my earthly father's footsteps on the family farm as I’d expected. Instead, my heavenly Father was calling me away from all that was familiar to a land He would show me. 

In the months that followed, I studied God's Word with my late wife, served in a local church, and followed the Lord Jesus step by step. We heard the "call" to participate in a 10-week ministry in the Ireland, under Global Outreach Mission.  After a 3-year hiatus, during which we completed our studies, we were led back to full-time ministry in Ireland.

Over the next 27 years, my late wife and I were involved in three church plants. Later, I became a recruiter for GOM, and now have shifted gears once more: into a medical ministry with my wife, Karen.

The Lord Jesus has been faithful in every place, at every time—as He continues to be. I have no regrets in making the decision to follow the Him, wherever in the world He leads.

Karen's Calling

I've never been graceful. When I attempted the balance beam a hundred years ago, it wasn't pretty.

Thinking the floor must surely be safer, I perfected the somersault. It was working well until one fateful gym period when I rolled, full of confidence, and planted my feet firmly on my ponytail.


Rubbing my bald spot and clutching a handful of hair, I left the gym and my promising career as a gymnast.

Didn't like those dumb gym suits anyway. SO unflattering!

After Don and I married, balancing the pressures of two jobs wasn’t a pretty sight either. Eventually I recognized that I was wobbling precariously with one toe tentatively in the missions boat and one on the Public Health Nursing dock.

The missions boat drifted purposefully from the dock, and I heard the Lord whisper, "How's this working for you, Karen?"

Umm, not well.

I loved my job and all its attendant perks. Meanwhile, the boat was small and tipsy, and I was a novice sailor.

What madness was this?

Yet, I loved the Captain and His first mate. The boat was departing now. Decision time.

On February 22, 2016, I leapt—who am I kidding? I stumbled!—into the missions boat and set sail with my first mate, Don, to destinations only the Captain could foresee. I waved good-bye to my pay check and "security" and, to some onlookers, my sanity.

Centuries ago, two fisherman jumped in the opposite direction. They exited the security and comfort of their boat when Jesus said, "Don't be afraid: from now on you will fish for people." (Luke 5:10b, NIV)

So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything, and followed him. They trusted Him. And I trust Him too.

Any transition—tumbling or otherwise—is safe if we follow the Saviour.