Why is it that mundane tasks can be so incredibly vexatious and yet so replete with lessons? No wonder that Jesus, the master storyteller of all time, used everyday objects and events to drill home His most profound lessons.

This year, preparations for the Peninsula winter have been more sporadic than we would have liked. Amidst plans for India Outreach 2017, we have stolen odd moments to put things to rest outside at 67 McIvor Dr. One of those tasks involves removing screws which secure our plastic Adirondack chairs to the dock. Because our dock is extremely narrow, this was our insurance policy against, in a moment of summer enjoyment, fishing either the chairs or OURSELVES out of the lovely waters of Lake Huron.

Unbeknownst to me, Don decided to remove those screws one afternoon and bring the chairs in for the winter. I was engrossed in some warmer inside task when the door burst open and he flew in crying with unusual intensity "Have you a hairdryer?". Now the absurdity of this question coming from Don's lips was not lost on me and, assessing that he did not appear to be suffering any personal distress, with my usual sensitivity I asked, "What do YOU need a hairdryer for?" The only answer was a repeat of the question. Grabbing my hairdryer I handed it to Don who unwrapped our battery operated drill from it's shroud of sopping paper towel revealing a silty, dripping, sorry excuse for a tool. After 10 minutes of swabbing and drying, sandy water continued to ooze from seams that had been otherwise invisible and the sad story began to emerge.

Having removed two screws, Don reached out to balance, almost unconsciously, on the chair. In a flash, the two unsecured chair legs flipped up sending the drill, which had been on the seat, rolling on to the dock where it bounced and continued it's journey through the thin skiff of ice into the water and deep into the silty bottom. Surely lost and irredeemable.

Apparently, Don momentarily considered diving in after the drill but quickly reconsidered realizing that he too would end up at the bottom given his propensity to sink like a stone. Uttering a quick prayer on the way back to the garage, he frantically searched for something to fish the drill out of the lake. As he scanned the contents of the garage his eye caught on the garden rake and he knew that God had provided a simple solution. Within moments, the drill was fished out and well, the rest is history.

In that moment, God redeemed an unfortunate accident. He redeemed what Don considered to be his carelessness and stupidity. Without condemnation He took a frustrating, panic inducing situation and turned it into an opportunity to hear His voice. He literally plucked a useless tool out of the muck and redeemed it for it's intended purpose.
The Jesus of Christmas came to do that for each of us. He takes sin and turns it white. He takes weakness and makes it strength. He takes our humanity with all its foibles and redeems it! He came to redeem us from the muck of our sin and bring us to the surface where, as we submit to Him, His presence in our lives daily redeems us to fulfill our purpose - To glorify God and enjoy Him forever"

Today in the city of David, a liberator has been born for you ! He is the promised Anointed One, the Supreme Authority!" Luke 2:11 (The Voice) 

Hallelujah Christ is born!

Oh...after three days in front of the fire and a recharged battery, the drill continues to do what it was made to do and the chairs are safely in the garage!

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