I love Air Miles! Some might say it is simply a cleverly disguised way to tax the many to benefit the few. But I say, "sign up"! For our friends in the US and elsewhere, I extend my condolences. For those who are not familiar, Air Miles is a rewards based plan which allots "miles" or credit for purchases of certain things, in certain amounts at certain stores. In exchange, these credits can be cashed in for air travel or merchandise. Don and I are avid collectors. We try to take advantage of every opportunity to collect air miles. Its a grand game!

Last year Air Miles announced that any miles collected prior to a certain date would be lost if they weren't used. There was a frenzy of redemption by the brotherhood of collectors all across Canada - done with the characteristic Canadian politeness of course. We were among them as we began our on line search for the perfect free item. Enter Rosie.

Pandering to my obsessive need for clean floors, a robot that would reliably and efficiently clean up the inevitable crumbs and bits that materialize on a daily basis, made me almost giddy with anticipation. I had seen this disc-shaped marvel in action at a friend's home a few months earlier but now, she was to be MINE! And for FREE!! Could it get any better than that?

A short while later, the package arrived and my love affair began in earnest. She was carefully removed from her cardboard cocoon and immediately set to work but not before she had been affectionately christened "Rosie" after the robotic house help in the 60's cartoon "The Jetsons". Rosie completed her inaugural spin and then I carefully set her timer to clean at 7 am each weekday.

The next morning my dreams gave way to concern which merged into a smile as I realized that we were not being burgled by a very clumsy invader. Rather, Rosie was up and about her work mapping out the floors and navigating, albeit noisily, around obstacles and under furniture to leave the floors spotless for us to begin the day. Each morning thereafter we awakened to the faithful sounds of Rosie sweeping our little world clean and the pleasing chime of her returning to her base to be recharged. 

Lamentations 3:22-24 highlights another Friend's faithfulness:

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning;great is your faithfulness. "The Lord is my portion," says my soul, "therefore I will hope in him". (ESV)

Each and every morning, the Almighty God of the universe offers to extend His mercy and grace to us. If we allow Him access, He will sweep away the dust and debris of our poor choices and the cobwebs collected from living in this fallen world. He does this, not because He is programmed to but because He loves us. He offers us access to His cleansing mercy not just while His battery is charged but endlessly, eternally, faithfully. That's who He is. That's why our souls can say with certainty "I will have hope in Him"!

In her clumsy, electronic way, Rosie is a picture of God`s enduring faithfulness. But she`s also a vivid example of our own need. We are programmed to return to "dock", plugging into the source of our energy, the Lord Jesus Christ. In Him we rest, are recharged and renewed to serve. While we are docked and charging in His presence each day, we bask in His steadfast love, His enduring mercy and His eternal faithfulness! 

Time with Him is not optional - its our source of life. Great is His faithfulness!

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