• That All May See

    That All May See

    Don & Karen Stauffer

Ministry Overview

The aim of "That All May See" is to improve physical sight, through eyeglasses, as a living parable of the sight that Jesus provides to our spiritual selves so that many will come to see and meet Him.

Purpose Statement

Stories from the Field

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Together, Don and Karen travel internationally with teams, attend conferences, and visit churches, sharing their enthusiasm for serving the Lord Jesus Christ through Crossworld Canada.

Their healthcare ministry, That All May See, provides vision care services including assessment, education, and glasses so that all may see physically.

They are assembling a team of committed volunteers to work in Canada to process used prescription glasses, which they distribute along with reading, pinhole, and sunglasses as needed to people living in poverty around the world.

That All May See partners with like-minded ministries for the purpose of evangelism and discipleship that all may also see spiritually. Please pray that they will impact many with the message of hope in Jesus Christ. May all see Him.
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